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Unique Handmade
Fine Silver & Mixed Media Adornments
for people, places, and things

Pendant: Moon River with Mallow

Some Pendants from my new (for 2014)
Three Rivers / Confluence Series:

Sparkle Together on a Stormy Night, from my Three Rivers series
Sparkle (Together)
on a Stormy Night

Zipping Along Together, from my Three Rivers series
Zipping Along Together

Three Rivers Metropolis, from my Three Rivers series
Three Rivers Metropolis

This website still has not yet been "officially launched"...
It hasn't even really been designed (which, as an artist, really gets to me)...
But the links do take you to working, if just preliminary, pages:

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    • Holiday Season Special Events:

      h*oliday mART (Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Sewickley)
      November 29 - December 7
      (with a variety of special events then too)

      Holiday Gift Shop (WSCC, Regent Square)
      December 5 - 7

      Studio Tour (Regent Square)
      December 13-14
      (my work and that of other amazing artists too,
      both at my studio and around "The Square")

    • Ongoing:

      Koolkat Designs, Mt. Lebanon, PA
      (just south of Pittsburgh)

      Four Directions Gallery, Verona, PA
      (just north-east of Pittsburgh, beginning August 2014)

      Hoyt Center for the Arts, New Castle, PA
      (north of Pittsburgh, beginning October 2014)

      Portage Hill Gallery, Westfield, NY
      (between Lakes Chautauqua and Erie)

  • Home Parties: Jewelry & Adornments just for you and your friends. Contact me about hosting a private party!
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  • And, do check out my blog is where I write (for my students and fellow artists) about working with metal clay (and more).

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    C Scheftic
    Convergent Series
    PO Box 82615
    Swissvale, PA 15218-0615
    Wilkins School Community Center
    (upstairs, room #25,
    over the front door)
    7604 Charleston Avenue,
    Swissvale, PA 15218-1265.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I've been busy making adornments, not playing on the 'net.
    What's here now are (still) just preliminary notes and quick snapshots.

    If you've known about this site for a while, you will know that I have
    regular fantasies about really spending some time fixing it up. You are
    welcome to let me know if you'd like to be notified when this site is
    officially launched. In the (likely loooong) meantime, please do check
    my blog which I do usually manage to update on average once a week.